Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome to...Israel

After Christmas, we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week touring Israel with the Akin family. What an amazing trip! We joined up with a larger tour group where Dr. Akin was one of the hosts. Since we were coming from Jordan, we were able to just drive to the boarding crossing-which took about an hour from where we live. The boarder crossing going to Israel wasn't the easiest-we had to switch buses from a Jordanian bus to an Israeli bus, they questioned us about anything and everything, and they checked and rechecked our luggage. One of our bags did not show up at the luggage claim, and we found out it was because there was a fan packed in it. Haha. Even though it was annoying to me and was a drawn out process, it makes sense why security would be so high coming into Israel.

While waiting to receive our last bag, Micah was running around and fell and hit his head on a metal pole. A HUGE goose egg immediately popped up on his forehead-it probably looked worse than it was. He was pretty upset, until we got to the bus and the driver let him sit in the driver's seat. He was pressing every button and making me a little nervous, but it wasn't bothering the driver at all. All that to say, here was our "wanna-be" driver for the week!

Eating yummy phalaphel sandwiches before driving to our hotel (well, Paul had chicken, I think)

The buildings are a Palestinian area, but the huge wall surrounds it in order to keep the Palestinians out of Israeli territory.

The view from our hotel in Tel-Aviv with the Mediterranean Sea in the background

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