Thursday, December 31, 2009


Our next stop for the day was the ancient town of Capernaum. It is located off the Sea of Galilee and had about 1,500 residents from 2BC-7AD. Many of Jesus' disciples lived here (Peter, Andrew, James and John), as well as Matthew the tax collector. After Jesus left Nazareth, he moved here for awhile during the time of his ministry (Matthew 4:13). Jesus often taught in the synagogue here and even performed a few miracles in this town.

An ancient olive press-it was really interesting to hear the whole process of making olive oil

The two pictures below are the remains of the houses

The Synagogue

Unfortunately, the spaceship looking building is actually a church that was built over top of Peter's home.

This is the remains of Peter's home-under the "spaceship"

Micah is usually scared of cats because the only ones he sees are street cats, not house pets. However, for some reason he kept pointing at this one and this evil cat bit Micah's arm. It scared him to death, but thankfully, it didn't go through his clothes!

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Blair said...

Poor little Micah. What an evil kitty. Glad he's okay. Your pictures continue to amaze me. What an awesome experience you all had. Thanks for sharing!