Thursday, December 10, 2009

No More Class

Thursday was officially our last day of Arabic class. Paul will continue on in the spring with a tutor a few days a week, but I believe I am finished :) Over the past month I have really enjoyed class a lot more as we have been drawing and telling our stories now. I feel like my Arabic has improved greatly, although I am still a novice, no doubt. I was encouraged this past week when I ran into an Arab friend whom I hadn't seen in a month, and she told me that my Arabic had improved a lot. That was good for me to hear, because there are days that I wonder :) I have to remind myself that we have only been in Jordan for 4 months-so I cannot expect myself to be a pro (although I wish I was fluent!). I will really miss daily seeing the teachers and friends in our school, but am excited for our next stage here in the city.

Celebrating that class is finished (Saed loves doing this!).

On a sadder note, we all will really miss seeing Josephine everyday. She has been a wonderful blessing to our family (especially Micah). We have loved hearing Micah speak the little Arabic that she has taught him (she speaks hardly any English). Although she won't be with us daily anymore, we are planning on using her to babysit next year so that Paul and I can go on some dates :)

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