Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Twirls and Pearls

We were so blessed to have my Dad, Mom, and little sister, Tannis, here for a weeks visit. It of course went by wayyy too fast. A week is never long enough when you live overseas. Our week was packed full of touring around Jordan and just hanging out together. One of the first items on our agenda was to go to my doctor's appointment to check on baby Akin. I was 17 weeks at the time, so they got to be there when we found out the sex, which was so fun. A few weeks ago, we had a 4D ultrasound and the doctor told us he was 90% sure it was another boy. We weren't surprised as that is what we both thought we were having the whole time. We already had a name picked out and Micah was even calling the baby that name. Well, at this particular appointment the doctor told us it was a little GIRL. We were completely shocked to say the least, but really happy too. This would explain why when I was looking at the baby on the ultrasound I couldn't tell it was a boy...normally, it is quite obvious. Our doctor wanted to make sure that is was a girl for sure, so she sent us to another ultrasound room and had another doctor take a peak, and she enough it was. :) Now we are back to the drawing board on names-we have a much more difficult time deciding on girls names for some reason. Lately I've noticed that my eyes go directly to the adorable baby dresses, tights, bows, shoes, etc in stores. I'm really excited to have a precious little girl to spoil and love on completely differently than I can do with Micah-I'm thinking there will be much twirls and pearls in our future!!

Here are some pictures from the doctor's office.
Not the clearest picture, but here is the little girl...

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Blair said...

Can't wait to meet my little niece! Micah is going to be a great big brother. Love you guys!