Sunday, December 27, 2009

Petra, Take 2

Even though we had just visited Petra with my family, it was definitely necessary to visit again with Paul's family. It is just something you really cannot miss when visiting Jordan. It was a long day as we drove there and back the same day, but it was well worth the adventure. I think everyone was exhausted when we got home-I went to bed around 8:30pm mostly due to a toddler boy kicking my booty that day :)

There are about 50 horses offering rides for people along the way, but ironically Micah got carried in by the same horse and driver that had carried him the previous time. This time Micah was not scared and acted like a pro!

The mile hike or so through the canyons to see The Treasury

Taking a family picture on a rock right before getting yelled at by a tour guide for standing on one of their "gods".

The wonderful Daddy's carrying our little ones

Finally making it to The Treasury

Some of the tombs in the midst of Petra

Nate and Granddaddy hiking up to see The Monastery (Lottie and I opted out of the hike this time as we both had seen it. We did childcare since the boys were napping and so the rest of them could hike the mountain with a little less weight on them)

Tim and Anna in front of the Monastery

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Lauren V. said...

Loved the pictures of Petra! I can see what you mean about having your booty kicked - your face is priceless on the picture of you carrying Micah in Petra :) Hope this pregnancy is treating you well (you look great!) and that 2010 brings many blessings :)