Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beit She'an

Our last stop of the day was a place called Beit She'an (Beth Shan), meaning "house of security." This is another ancient city that was extremely fertile land. The city was prosperous and continued to grow until an earthquake destroyed it in 749 AD. This is the place where the Philistines hung King Saul's body after his death and then took it down for burial.

The amphitheater

The men pretending to go the bathroom in the bathhouse area.

A view of the ancient city
Hiking to the top of the hill
We made it :)

The view from the top

Throughout the day, we were slowly making our way towards Jerusalem. Here is a picture of the city from our hotel balcony on New Years Eve. It was really neat to be here at this time!

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Blair said...

Pregnancy looks good on you, my dear! I'm so jealous of your experience over there and really like your pics of where Jesus walked. So cool. Hope to make the trip myself one day...