Sunday, January 29, 2012

UK vs AL

One of the highlights while being in KY was Poppi and GiGi taking Micah to his first UK basketball game. It made it even better that they were playing Alabama, of all schools :) Before the game Micah took my Dad's hand, walked up to a poster on the wall, pointed, and said, "Hey Poppi! It's my boy, Kidd-Gilchrist." Yes, he loves him some #14 and amazes me with how he knows every players name (and number)! He did a great job paying attention to the game and happily cheered on the Wildcats to victory.

We of course had to go find the Wildcat and get a pic.
Micah with Poppi :)
My cousin, Jeramie (aka Princess Jeramie as Micah calls her), met us for the game. It was great seeing her--it had been too long!
Pregnant sisters. Blair is due in May with a boy and we can't wait!!!

Another Needed Visit

While in Louisville, we were able to spend some time with another one of my high school friend's, Laura. She brought her precious little girl, Madison, over to my parent's house and spent the afternoon with us. I hadn't seen them since September and Madison had changed so much. I'm so thankful for life long friends :)

All About Kids

We met my friend Kristin and her two kids at this amazing play place in Louisville called, All About Kids. It's pretty much a kids dreamland as they have so much to play with. I'm pretty sure we did more chasing our kids around than catching up, but such is life right now. We both just laughed about it and got as much real conversation in as possible when we could. I have a feeling that next time we visit Louisville, Micah will ask to go here again :)

Micah and Ava
Sweet Brooklyn

Cousin Love

While in Louisville, we always love to see the other Akin clan. We were able to see them one night over Christmas and then spend a morning with them on this visit. I so wish we lived closer so play dates could take place more often. My sister-in-law, Anna, just refreshes me and there is never a dull moment with our kids. Anna's also expecting baby #3 (another boy!) about a month after me and we can't wait to add more chaos to this madness :) Love ya'll.

Necessary Traveling, Although Forbidden :)

Paul recently went on an overseas trip for work. He travels about 3-4 times a year and we both thought it would be great to go ahead and get a trip in before our 3rd baby is born. The plan was for someone to come to Bham and stay with me b/c at 35 weeks pregnant, I'm really not supposed to be traveling at all. However, we couldn't work that out. Thankfully my wonderful sister, Blair, was already coming to visit us over MLK weekend, so we just drove back to Kentucky with her. I may not have told my doctor, but I wasn't about to stay in town by myself--just in case I were to go into labor. (Thankfully, that didn't happen and Paul is now home, so we are good to go!)

Our time in Louisville is always so fun, yet so busy. With so many family and friends to see, a lot of times I end up more exhausted than anything, but it's so worth it. One night my whole family went to eat at a Japanese/Sushi restaurant, called Fuji, and it was a big hit with my kids. They cook right in front of you and both of them ate like champs. I'm thinking we might just have to do this again soon. 

Reunited at Last!

Recently, our close friends from college, the Smith's, stayed with us for the weekend while coming in town for a wedding. We had such a great time catching up, meeting each other's kids, and just being with one another. It had been over three years since we'd seen them but truly felt like no time had passed at all (besides the fact that there are now 3 kids running around. Ha). They are so easy to be with and are constantly encouraging us in our walk with the Lord. What a blessing! We loved our time with them and are hoping it won't be another 3 years before we can get together :)

Eric and Paul in July of 2008 at the Waggoner's wedding (the last time we had seen them).

And now our little ones playing in the tub ;)
Their handsome boy, Coleman

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Minnie

This girl loves her some Minnie Mouse and lately has been obsessed with dressing up. She would wear this dress everyday if we'd let her :) 

New Years

We welcomed in 2012 with our good friends, the Bordas'. First of all, 2012? Seriously? Where, oh where, has time gone? We ate dinner, played Just Dance 3 on the wii, watched all the New Years Eve shows in NYC, and headed to bed. We all laughed at how old we feel, hardly even being able to make it up to midnight :)
The Bordas' are such servants and constantly love on our kids. We are more than blessed with their friendship!!
Just Dance 3. Once again, this is hilarious to watch (and so fun to play).
Micah is obsessed with taking pictures...
...and always requires at least one "funny face"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Meeting Baby Jude

Our good friends, Noah and Lindsay, welcomed their precious baby boy on Christmas day. We had anxiously been awaiting his arrival and couldn't wait to meet him once we returned from the holidays. Jude is just perfect and is one blessed boy to have Noah and Linds as parents! 
This picture makes me excited to welcome baby #3 :) 

Kitchen Helpers

I love having little hands helping me out in the kitchen. (Or really just making another mess for me to clean up later) It is fun watching them imitate what I'm doing and seeing their creative juices flow. I must say, they looked especially adorable in their Kentucky gear too. They are a blessing!

How Hard Can It Be... get a decent family picture? We seriously tried over and over and over on Christmas Eve and morning with a complete FAIL
 This is the best we got: 
Such is life for now :)