Sunday, January 29, 2012

UK vs AL

One of the highlights while being in KY was Poppi and GiGi taking Micah to his first UK basketball game. It made it even better that they were playing Alabama, of all schools :) Before the game Micah took my Dad's hand, walked up to a poster on the wall, pointed, and said, "Hey Poppi! It's my boy, Kidd-Gilchrist." Yes, he loves him some #14 and amazes me with how he knows every players name (and number)! He did a great job paying attention to the game and happily cheered on the Wildcats to victory.

We of course had to go find the Wildcat and get a pic.
Micah with Poppi :)
My cousin, Jeramie (aka Princess Jeramie as Micah calls her), met us for the game. It was great seeing her--it had been too long!
Pregnant sisters. Blair is due in May with a boy and we can't wait!!!

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