Sunday, January 29, 2012

Necessary Traveling, Although Forbidden :)

Paul recently went on an overseas trip for work. He travels about 3-4 times a year and we both thought it would be great to go ahead and get a trip in before our 3rd baby is born. The plan was for someone to come to Bham and stay with me b/c at 35 weeks pregnant, I'm really not supposed to be traveling at all. However, we couldn't work that out. Thankfully my wonderful sister, Blair, was already coming to visit us over MLK weekend, so we just drove back to Kentucky with her. I may not have told my doctor, but I wasn't about to stay in town by myself--just in case I were to go into labor. (Thankfully, that didn't happen and Paul is now home, so we are good to go!)

Our time in Louisville is always so fun, yet so busy. With so many family and friends to see, a lot of times I end up more exhausted than anything, but it's so worth it. One night my whole family went to eat at a Japanese/Sushi restaurant, called Fuji, and it was a big hit with my kids. They cook right in front of you and both of them ate like champs. I'm thinking we might just have to do this again soon. 

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