Monday, December 28, 2009


We arrived in Israel a day before our actual tour started. We spent one night in Tel-Aviv and then the tour began the next morning at 8am. Since most of our tour group was arriving by plane from the States, we were the few who were not jet lagged. We decided to venture out and explore the area around our hotel, which basically led us to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. We also quickly found a GIANT playground that was tons of fun. I think we all enjoyed it more than our little ones did. It had all kinds of cool swings and was right on the water-it made me really wish that we had somewhere like this to go to everyday. I honestly could have spent a few more days in Tel-Aviv (partly because I absolutely loved the hotel we stayed in). From what we could see, it is a really cool city...although sadly we were told that it is known as the most pagan city in Israel.


The Akin Family said...

Oh that was SO MUCH FUN!! Tim and I were just talking about how that was probably our favorite night of the trip! Miss yall tons!! Wuhdie says hello! Love yall!

Blair said...

What great moments together! The swings look like lots of fun! That's one advantage to having a little one~ excuses to play with the kid's toys :)