Friday, December 25, 2009

Tim, Anna, and "Wuh-die"

A day or so after my family left, we had new visitors arrive from Turkey! Paul's brother, Tim, and his family (Anna and Levi) all came to spend Christmas with us on their way home to the States. We had several days with just them before the other Akin's arrived and it was a lot of fun. We mostly toured our city, cooked, ate, watched our boys, and played games together. Micah is pretty much obsessed with Levi (or "Wuh-die" as Micah calls him). They are finally at an age where they can play together and it was so cute-although, both of them are still learning how to share toys! It was a good test for both of them since they both are expecting another sibling in May. We are so thankful they chose to stop here on their big journey/move back to the States!!

Enjoy a few pictures...

Levi snoozing in his stroller as we ate breakfast.

Micah chatting away.

Bath time with cousins is so fun :)

None other than Chili's...those Akin boys love this place.

And a trip to the mall. Micah usually doesn't like strollers, but he loved his "rental car" that the mall had for him. He even ate his entire lunch in there-which is very unusual! I guess he felt like a big boy.

And then the boys went to the play area and had fun while the girls did some grocery shopping. I don't know who enjoyed it more...the big boys or the little ones!?!


Lauren Williams said...

hey, im just getting your last three updates in the last three days. did you just post them or are they really from dec? so is it my comp or yours? looks like you had a good christmas though!

Blair said...

So jealous Levi and Micah are so close in age. And your two new ones will be too. Looks like so much fun! The boys are precious!