Saturday, December 19, 2009

Taking a Float

After we left Jesus' baptismal site, we headed over to the Dead Sea for a fun afternoon with family. We got a day pass to the Marriott so that we could eat, take a float in the sea, enjoy their pools, and showers before driving to Petra for the night. It was a busy, but great day!

Per my Dad once again:
We then went to the Marriot at the Dead Sea and got a day pass. After lunch and Micah's nap, we went down to the Sea and took a swim - or should I say a float. The water has an unbelievable feel and smell and really stings if you get it in your eyes (Micah didn't like it one bit). The floatation is unbelievable - you can't sink. I was amazed at all the hot and cold spots we encountered while in the Sea. Micah loved all the rocks on the shore. Teresa (Gigi) and Paul tried the Dead Sea mud. We then let Micah play in a heated shallow swimming pool - he loved that and learned to splash his Daddy courtesy Poppi.

A much needed nap

Refreshed and ready to go swimming

Walking down to the Dead Sea

Doing the "John Wall" dance in the Dead Sea...haha

Floating!!!! It is amazing!

Trying out the mud...but Micah was not too happy about it.

Trying to get the rest of the mud off his hands

Throwing rocks...

The brave ones...or crazy ones :)

Off to the pools. Micah enjoyed this so much better than the salty Dead Sea that he got in his poor little eyes.

He loves his Poppi

A beautiful sunset over the Dead Sea

Micah and his Gigi all showered up and ready to drive to Petra

Our favorite photographer

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Blair said...

Great family pics! And I love the one of Micah in the rocks. He's so stinkin' cute!