Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rainbow Street

Sunday morning Paul and I had to make a quick trip to our language school to have our final evaluation for the semester. We returned home around 11:30am and everyone in the house was sleeping! I think they all were still getting over jet lag :) Once they all got up, we decided to go out in town and enjoy the pretty afternoon. We took them to Rainbow Street which is a popular eating area and is also a rather artsy street. It is usually a pretty busy street-especially during the warmer months. We ate at a place called Books @ Cafe, which is basically a bookstore that has a small restaurant on the top floor with a nice view of the city. After we ate, we walked around Rainbow Street, shopped, and admired the artwork. Paul, Tannis, and Micah eventually got tired of shopping, so they went into a smaller bookstore that has a play area and had a pillow fight with Micah while we continued to look around for awhile.

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