Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our 3rd stop was to a place called Samburu, which is known to host Africa's "Special 5". Here are pictures of 3 out of the 5. 

#1) Gerenuk...eats standing on their back legs. It was pretty interesting to watch.

#2) Vulturine Guineafowl 

#3) The Grevy Zebra...I had never even heard of this type of zebra, but it was so pretty.
I honestly don't remember what the the other 2 "special" animals were...ha! Oh well.

Out of all the places we stayed, this was definitely the most commercialized-which was good and bad. The food was delicious, but any other activities cost extra money, unlike the other places we stayed. Our tent was really nice though and the service was great.

One thing we did enjoy was the pool...and it was FREE :) Micah hadn't been in a pool since we left my parents house last year, so it was so fun to get him in. Aunt Blair played with him for a long time and taught him how to play on the steps. He loved it!

And the big boys enjoyed it too...

This sneaky guy joined us for dinner every night. 
Micah actually noticed it first and pointed it out saying "cat, cat, cat". It got up really close to us and definitely freaked me out just a little.

And we got to see Zazu!

Malibu Stork...aka ugly, scary, big bird!

Monkeys are so fun to watch and never cease to entertain me.

And here we are viewing one of the BEST animal experiences throughout the whole trip...
Stay tuned till next post and I will disclose exactly what we were looking at... :)

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