Saturday, July 18, 2009

Final Goodbyes

Sad day. Our families are officially gone and boy is our house way too quiet and lonely. Goodbyes are no fun and just seem to get harder and harder...maybe because we have come to appreciate family more and have learned to treasure every moment together. It has been such a treat having family in town since June 17 nonstop. What a blessing it was to be able to spend quality time with BOTH of our families. It was too perfect and the timing couldn't have been any better. One of the hardest parts of living overseas is missing our families-we love them so much and are thankful for each of them. 

You know our house is empty when Micah walks around the house looking for some extra attention and fun. For the past 5 days, Paul and I have slept on the living room floor while Granddaddy and Lottie had our bedroom and Tim, Anna, and Levi slept in our guest bedroom. Micah woke up this morning and ran to the living room looking for his Daddy on the floor, but didn't find him there. He then went on into our guest bedroom and called out "toto" (the Swahili word for baby-which is what he calls our nephew, Levi), but didn't find him there either. Finally he went to our bedroom door and just starting banging on it and yelling-I think just trying to figure out who the heck was in there. He was quite confused and our house has been rather depressing today. Thankfully, some friends stopped by to break up the loneliness!

We sent the last Akin's out this morning at 12am to catch their flight. Paul took them to the airport while I stayed home with our sleeping baby. At the airport, Paul left the car running for 2 minutes to help Tim and Anna get their luggage inside to check-in. When Paul came back to our car, a police was standing there and jumped in our car. He was upset with Paul for leaving his car on and made Paul take him to the nearby police station. He threatened to arrest Paul and to keep our car at the police station until Monday morning. He also made hints about Paul paying him some sort of bribe, to which Paul ignored. Thankfully, my husband has learned some major persuasive skills since living here and eventually got the policeman to leave him alone with no bribe being paid. Gotta love those corrupt Kenyan cops! 

Well, goodbye to both families for now. Thanks again for everything-the safari was a trip of a lifetime! We hope to see you again soon!! LOVE YOU! 

PS...Safari pics to come soon :)


Lindsey said...

glad you had such good visits!!! where did micah get that blonde hair ha???

Blair said...

Love the story! I can only imagine Paul's encounter with the Kenyan cops after seeing it firsthand on our way to the airport.