Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rhino Country

Stop #2 was our shortest stop, but well worth it. We went to Ol Pejeta, also called "Rhino Country". Out of our four stops, this was our best chance to see multiple rhino's. However, we did end up seeing some at other locations too.  There are actually two types of rhinoceros', the Black and White. The actually are both grey in color, but the difference comes with their horns and lips. The White Rhino grazes on grass, while the Black Rhino eats trees and shrubs. We were able to see both types, but were surprised at how shy they were. The rhino is considered one of Africa's Big 5, along with the lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo. Obviously, they are some of the biggest animals, but they also are the most dangerous animals. We were blessed to see the "Big 5" throughout our trip...and actually saw lions everyday but one.

After landing at the airport

Heading out to begin our safari for the day 

Pumba and baby Pumbas!! We loved watching them run as their tails go up and they stop because they forget where they were going. 

My favorite!! Micah calls them "tall talls" because of a song that we learned at church in his Baby Bible Class.

Taking a lunch and rest break before heading out for our afternoon safari.

White Rhinos grazing on grass

Taking a drink break while watching the sunset (aka "sundowners")

My wonderful parents!

Micah-man sitting in the front seat and leading the way

Aunt B taking Micah for a ride...

...And Gigi doing the same!

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Blair said...

Great new pics! Wish we were still there with you.