Monday, July 20, 2009

Masai Village

On the second day of our trip, we had the opportunity to go see a Masai Village. It was an awesome cultural experience for sure. They are one of the few tribes in Africa that still practice their traditional ways, and it was so interesting to see how they live their everyday lives.  We felt very welcome as they welcomed us with singing and dancing. Communication was difficult with most of them, but they had sweet smiles. Many of them (especially the children) were shy-as they probably are not used to seeing white people. They are nomads who own tons of cattle, and it was amazing to see how they build their small, mud huts whenever they move. I cannot even imagine living that way and it definitely made me realize how blessed I am!

The Masai men greeting us with a song and dance

The women joining the men in welcoming us to their village

Showing us how the Masai dance and jump

My brother-in-law fit right in! Who said that white men can't jump!?! :)

Showing us how they start a fire with no matches

Precious faces 

Their mud homes...the entrance to every home faces the same way to keep the wind from blowing inside.

The inside of their homes-this is actually a picture of their bed. It was so dark inside as they have no electricity and only a small window to let light in. 

Setting up their Masai market for us to buy things. 

Their shoes are made from old rubber tires.

Micah joining the Masai children sing and dance. They were fascinated by a "white" baby.

Kissing a new friend


Lauren Williams said...

Micah is such a cutie. I know Hayden and him would be kissing and hugging all the time if they were together. ( okay, i know that sounds bad, but there little). I love teh updates as always!

Sarah.E.Faucette said...

These pictures are amazing! I love yall and miss yall!