Friday, July 24, 2009

Other Favorites

Here are a few of my other favorite pictures from our first stop in Amboseli. We seriously have about 5,000 more, but I had to pick the highlights.

Working the you understand why we had over 11,000 pictures :)

The girls minus my Mom. My Dad and Mom got really sick and had to skip this game drive.

I love Paul...and also the acacia tree in the background!

Posing under an acacia tree before heading to breakfast.

Our picnic breakfast-it was pretty fancy for a bush breakfast!

Precious picture of Micah-man

We were so blessed to see some gorgeous sunsets!

Now on to stop #2...finally!!


Dad said...

I am enjoying your blog updates from our trip - it is fun reliving our African adventures. You are posting a lot of the same pics that I am using in the video. BUT where was the pic of T using the "bush potty"?

The Akin's said...

haha...i thought about adding that one in here, but didnt. i may have to add a special blog post with that picture :)

Blair said...

All the pictures look great! It's funny how I used a lot of the same ones for our album. Love you!

Heather said...

What amazing pictures, Kari! Wow!