Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tea, Tai, Chai, Sha

Kenya is known for their tea, so one of my favorite places to go is to a local tea farm about 30 minutes away from the city. The landscape is much more lush and beautiful as you can see tea fields all around. Plus, the area is so much more peaceful. We figured my family would like to have a little taste of Kenya (other than the busy city life), so on day 2, we took them to this wonderful place. The tea farm is owned by a British husband and wife, who are so sweet to open their home daily to people. We begin by being served some tea and cookies as they explain the history of their land as well as the tea process. Even though I have heard this talk several times, I always find it fascinating. Next, they send us on a nature walk as well as a quick tour of a the tea fields. We end by having a delicious lunch which consists of things grown in their garden. If you ever head this way, let me know, because this is an experience I wish everyone could do :)

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Blair said...

That tea was so yummy and those monkeys were crazy! I want to come back for more. Miss you!