Sunday, July 19, 2009

And We're Off...

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from our safaris. I'm not going to do much narrating, because honestly, the pictures speak much louder than any of my words possibly could :) 

We went on a week safari with my family to several different places in Kenya. I was worried that by the end of the trip we would all be sick of safaris, but that was not the case at all. I actually wished it could have last longer! I think it helped switching locations within Kenya and seeing all the different landscapes. God truly is a wonderful Creator-I was just in awe of His beauty throughout the whole trip. We are blessed to be able to enjoy it!

Our first stop was to Amboseli. It was a rather dry and flat area and was a great starting place. The best part about Amboseli was seeing Mt Kilimanjaro (pics to come in another post). 

Tickets in hand...ready to go.

Our first of many planes for the week. We flew from place to place on basically our own plane-it was much faster and so nice. We truly were spoiled!!!

And we're off :)

Getting ready to start our safari adventure

In our first safari vehicle-we wished they all could have been this big so that we could all ride together!

Our tented camp for a couple of days. This particular camp was one of my favorites.

This was taken from our breakfast table at the camp we stayed at. It overlooks this waterhole, and we were lucky enough to see many elephants walk up to it to get a drink.

 Zebras were everywhere and they are just so pretty!

An elephant in the middle of the swamp

A scary hyena with blood on its neck after finishing breakfast. We learned that hyenas eat ALL the leftovers...including the bones, therefore, their poop is white because they eat so much calcium. It was interesting to see too-ha!

A lovely carcass-we saw these all over Amboseli

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Blair said...

Love the pics and miss your face so much already. Andrew and I finished putting our album together and everyone in Co loved it. They couldn't get over how adorable Micah-man is, and I totally agree.