Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Extra Special Surprise

Before we left for Africa, a Kindergarten Sunday School class from Paul's home church asked if they could adopt us and pray for our family every week. The teachers are good friends of my family, and they have been so incredibly thoughtful and encouraging to us. The precious Kindergarten students have been so faithful in praying for us, sending us pictures, cards and special surprises for holidays, etc. They even have a corner in their Sunday School classroom dedicated to our "work" and have posted our newsletters, pictures, and different facts about Kenya. What a neat way to serve us as well as teach these little ones about the nations!! 

Recently, they sent us an EXTRA special surprise with my family. They made us a quilt and each of them had designed their own personal square. It was so sweet and we love everything about it! It meant so much to us and I'm sure the kids loved doing it as well. The quilt is in our living room as well as a booklet they made us, and both of these items always reminds us of their faithfulness and commitment to praying for us. Who would have thought that these adorable children (who don't even know us personally) could have been one of our biggest supporters! What a blessing!!! 

This is the booklet that is filled with pictures of the classroom and students, scripture, and encouraging notes. 

Here is the precious quilt!! 

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