Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day One with the Fam

Since the majority of my family's trip was spent on a week safari, we only had a few days in the city. We did our best to show them around as best we could in the little time we had. Day one basically consisted mostly of eating and resting (trying to get them all adjusted to the 7 hour time difference). We did take them to see our home and to meet our wonderful house helper, Josephine, and I think they all were happy to meet her. Josephine had seen many pictures and couldn't wait to see them in person. Throughout the entire trip it was sort of surreal to me that my family was in town, and I enjoyed every precious minute with EACH of them! It was so wonderful!

After sleeping in, we took them to Java House (the most American food place you can find) for brunch

Playing on the playground during brunch. He especially loved the slide :)

On the back steps at our apartment

Eating again at one of my favorite Italian places, Mediterraneo

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Blair said...

Loving and missing you!