Monday, August 31, 2009

Faces We Miss

About a month ago we packed up and said goodbye to Kenya and moved to the Middle East. It was harder to leave than I expected. I didn't realize how quickly Africa had become home and how much I would miss life there. Moving there had been a much easier adjustment than I had expected, and starting all over again is never easy. 

We especially miss these sweet faces: 

Josephine, our house helper.

Our sweet neighbors.

Our students. coach at the Center.

Patrick...our wonderful taxi driver. 

Some of our other students and friends.

Asman and "Chris Brown"...Paul's workout buddies.

Our Kenyan friends.

Joe...our British friend.

Hannah, Jeff, and the entire Tidenberg Family (didn't have a pic of them).

Our team (unfortunately this isn't everyone, but everyone is definitely missed!)

Rebecca and Danielle...our daily work partners and good friends. What would we have done without you?


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