Sunday, August 9, 2009

"In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle..."

"...the Lion Sleeps Tonight." Of course everyone knows that well known song, and after seeing lions in person, I now know their is some truth to that song. Lions sleep ALL the time! As I said before, we were blessed to see lions everyday but one. And of those days, we often saw them lying around with not much interaction-especially the male lion. However, on one of our last days, we got to see a whole pride of lions walking along. There was 13 of them total, and only one adult male. It was pretty awesome!  We followed them for a long time and especially enjoyed seeing the cubs play together. They were too cute!

Some of the pride.

Female love.

Yes, we were that close. It was a bit frightening at first, but also pretty awesome!

Haha. Gotta love my Dad and Paul!

Following the pack.

The male passing by our vehicle.

Simba and Nala heading towards the waterhole :)


Keith said...

i am loving the pictures! the trip sounds amazing! hey, so waht time zone are you on? how many hours are you ahead of your parents cause then were 3 more hours behind them. doc and gigi are still here but i would love to skype soon! love you!

Lauren Williams said...

hey sorry, that last oen was me, keith was still logged on.

Blair said...

The waterhole... what's so great about the waterhole? I'll show you when we get there!