Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Very Own Cheetah

For as long as I can remember, we have called Paul's younger brother, Tim, "cheetah". Maybe because it is his favorite animal...but it's probably because he is as quick as lightening-just like the cheetah. Either way, he's our "cheetah" and will always be. Tim was extremely pumped about going on this safari as it was a lifelong dream of his, plus he was hoping he'd get to see a cheetah. Unfortunately, we had no luck spying one the first day we were there. So we told our guide, Pilot, that all we wanted to do on Day 2 was to find a cheetah. Pilot jumped on it, and took us right away to "Cheetah Country" where we saw these cute little things...

Tim (aka Cheetah) with his own species :)

They weren't very active in the morning, so we asked if we could come see them again for our afternoon game drive. Pilot agreed, and we had a much more eventful afternoon with our friends as we were soooo close...yes, sooo close, to seeing a kill! But once again, it failed as a girl "accidentally" threw her sweatshirt out of her safari van and distracted the crazy cats.

On the hunt.

Trying to spot their prey.

Taking a break to play.

Ah ha...I found you.

Oh, but I see you too!

And here is where the disaster happened with the sweatshirt incident. 

I mean, seriously!?! 

We stayed around for another hour or so hoping to see them attack, but eventually everyone gave up and wanted to go in for lunch. I think Tim and I were the only ones who would have been perfectly fine skipping lunch and just watching these boys all day long-especially if that meant getting to see a kill. That's our Cheetah for ya!

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