Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ethiopian Party

Several weeks ago, we had the opportunity to visit Ethiopia as we were searching for a "new home". We were so blessed to have my Mom and Paul's parents join us. While there, we had an opportunity to go to an Ethiopian's home and celebrate one of their children's 1st birthdays. The 1st birthday is a BIG deal in this culture, as it signifies that they will survive. This is the only birthday they celebrate throughout their entire life. Can you imagine that!?!

Before the birthday party started, they served us a typical Ethiopian meal. This consisted of injera (sour, spongy bread) that we ate with spicy lamb, vegetables, rice, and some sort of stew. It actually was pretty good, but I don't exactly love the has a really unique taste that I'm just not used to.

Ethiopia is known for their coffee, so whenever there is a big celebration, a coffee ceremony always accompanies it. Lottie (Paul's Mom) got to dress in special Ethiopian attire, and actually assist in making the coffee.  The coffee process was so interesting to watch and although I have yet to desire a liking to the taste of coffee, I do enjoy the smell. 
Lottie cooking the coffee beans.

Finished cooking, now getting ready to grind the beans.

Skillfully pouring the coffee :)

Haha. This face says it all. Ethiopian coffee is extra strong. Can't you tell he is enjoying it!?! 

Our last event was the actual birthday celebration. They dressed the little girl in a frilly pink dress and she looked precious. She was a tad bit overwhelmed with all the cheering, singing, and attention...I don't blame her!  

This is some sort of special bread that they serve at big events. The birthday girl actually had to sit on it first, before they served it...kinda gross. Ha.

By the end of the day we realized that it was truly a privilege to be invited. They were so welcoming and made us feel like family. You would have never known we had just met them that day! We all learned so much from this sweet family and it was a true cultural experience that we will never forget! We loved every minute :)

These sweet faces were waiting at our car to say goodbye. What beautiful people!

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