Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amani Ya Juu

It was so hard to see my family leave after the safari, but thankfully my Mom got to stay around and spend a few extra days with us. It was great having some time to ourselves-I wish it happened more often! I miss her so much!

On one of the days she was here I took her to one of my favorite stores in Nairobi called Amani Ya Juu, meaning "Peace from above". It such a cute store full of handmade African items made from Christian refugee women. It was started by a women in Tennessee and I believe they actually have a store in the States now (maybe in DC!?!)...it is worth looking into :) We shopped for a little while and then decided to take a tour to see where the women work. I had wanted to do this for awhile, but hadn't had the opportunity to yet, so it was fun to do it with my Mom.  

This is Maggie. She works inside the store and always greets everyone with a big hug! 

This is where they dye and stamp the fabric.

The quilt section.

Women had at work sewing.

I love this quilt! It was made by the refugee women, and each picture represents a country (or several countries in Africa) and tells a story about the entire continent. The red cross on the right side represents how Christ unifies all of them.

These handprints were made from the refugee women's children.

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