Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving On...

Well, we are here in Jordan and officially all moved in and settled. Traveling here proved to be pretty difficult...just ask Paul :) First of all, Paul had put our luggage on a cart, but it kept tipping over, so we had to get some random guy to help us get it to the counter. Then we waited in line FOREVER to get checked in. It was mad chaos in there and I don't think the airlines were prepared for it. We finally got everything checked in, but we still each had at least two bags strapped to us, plus a baby, stroller, car seat, and a pack-n-play to wheel along beside was rather difficult to maneuver through the terminals. Paul told me that traveling with all this stuff is one of his least favorite things in the world (and I know it must be bad because he LOVES to travel!)..he then went on to name about 10 other horrible things that he would rather do than this. Ha. It made me laugh, but such is life with a little one and moving countries. 

Positives about the trip-our bags were underweight so no extra luggage payment, Micah had his own seat that we could lay him in to sleep, Micah slept on both planes, we only had one layover, flights were on time, we got Cinnabun in the airport in Dubai, Jordan's visa line was much more efficient than Kenya's, we didn't get hassled by customs in Jordan, and we didn't switch time zones. 

After searching for a few weeks, we finally moved into our own apartment about 2 weeks ago. Life here is picking up and I feel like I have so much to do around the house...clean, iron, organize, finish unpacking, cook, plus other mommy duties...and absolutely ZERO motivation at times. We are in language school learning Arabic for 4hrs a day for 5 days a week (20hrs per week), and I am drained when we get home. I just want to lie down and take a nap-which rarely happens with a little one by your side. I will say that we both LOVE coming home to see Micah-he is so happy to see us and it melts my heart. 

Thanks to some friends, we did find a babysitter for Micah while we are in language. Her name is Josephine (I know, ironic, huh?) and she is an Iraqi believer. She is wonderful with him...but speaks little, and I mean little English. It makes for communicating rather difficult, but we just laugh and point. It will force me to speak Arabic quicker...I hope!?! Micah seems to love her though and is already speaking a few Arabic words (doing better than me! ha).

I'll leave you with a few pictures of our new city. Everything is made out of sandstone-which looks neat and beautiful, but makes learning your way around rather difficult. These were taken the first few days here, from about a 5 minute walk of our old apartment. 


Lauren Williams said...

micah is huge! such a cutie! im glad you got a place, can we see photos! love you guys!

Tim and Anna said...

Yay for Jordan! And I am so proud of Micah for being in his stroller!