Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Friends

Meet Micah's new friends:

Mya, 3 years old.

Ahmed, 17 months (one day older than Micah)

These are our adorable next door neighbors. I have become good friends with their Mom, Ghadeer, and have been invited into their home on several occasions. Last week, she taught me how to make a delicious Arabic meal. She has already helped me with my Arabic as well as taught me a lot about the culture, and I look forward to building upon this relationship. We are blessed to have neighbors with children that Micah can play with. He LOVES going into their home as they have a LOT more entertaining toys than we do. They have bikes, scooters, slides, swings, push toys, and about million more. Whenever Ahmed sees Micah, he runs up and attacks him...I think that overwhelms Micah a little bit! :) Micah is having to learn how to share...for some reason whatever toy the other kids have in their hands looks more fun than the one Micah is holding. This "sharing" deal is a new concept for my little one, but a great one to learn early on. Thankfully, we have only had a few tug-of-wars between the boys so far :) 

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Lauren Williams said...

oh my gosh! what cute neighbours! That is so fun for micah!! Hayden had problems sharing too, but it gets better with time. That is so great that the mum has been such a help for you! Im glad your making friends. love you!