Thursday, September 24, 2009


This past week marked the end of Ramadan (YAY!), called Eid. We had a few days off of language school, so we decided to do a touristy thing around here and head to Jerash for a day trip. Jerash is a bunch of ancient Roman ruins and was really neat to see. Since we don't have a car, we opted for public transportation and took the bus over a taxi in order to save some major money. It ended up being an incredibly pleasant experience and was also much quicker than we expected. We ended up meeting a couple from Belgium on the bus that was here touring around Jordan for 3 weeks. On our way home, a random Jordanian gave us a free ride back to the city. I would NEVER do that in America, but have been told that it is okay to do here. He was really nice and chatted with Paul the whole way back while Micah and I slept in the back :)

Bus ride on the way 

Stadium seating to watch the races and fighting


Taking a chariot ride (Micah was screaming-he was scared to death)

One of the amphitheaters 

Another amphitheater-this one provided some entertainment with music and dancing

Finally asleep but...

...then I slipped as we were walking down a hill and fell on some rocks (no surprise, I know) and Micah woke right up. My elbows still hurt really bad and are bruised :(

Before heading back we ended our day with a picnic lunch.

Once we got back home, Micah took a nap for over 3 hours and woke up screaming. I picked him up out of his crib and he was on fire as well as had a red face. It was an extremely HOT day in Jerash, and even though I put loads of sunscreen on him, I was a little worried that he was sunburned (thankfully, he wasn't). Nothing Paul or I did could calm him down. After attempting to feed him and give him something to drink (which he refused), he threw up everywhere several times. He kept crying and saying ""momma, momma, momma". He was so pitiful and I felt so bad for him. We took his temperature and it was 102*F. This lasted for two days and I had to miss a day of language school (darn. ha). We don't know if he was just overheated or what, but sure are so thankful to have our crazy boy back!


jrrainer said...

I am so glad you all got to get away for a day trip. I am sorry Micah got sick, but so glad he is feeling better! Miss you!

Lauren Williams said...

thats so scary when they get sick like that. Thankfully we haven't experience throwing up yet! Im glad hes alright!