Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breaking the Fast

Every night at around 7pm, the call to prayer goes off which indicates to the Muslims that they can eat. We always have our windows open, so if we are quiet, we can hear our all our neighbors silverware going "clink clink clink". It is quite funny to listen to.  A few days ago, I was in our neighbor's home when the call went off, and she immediately ran to get a drink of water, while her husband immediately lit up a cigarette. Shows their priorities :) 

Recently, we decided to go out in town and experience the "breaking of the fast" at sundown. All day long Paul had set his mind on going to Chili's, but that didn't quite happen. Chili's recently opened, so it is extremely crowded. People get there to save seats and place their order way before it is time to eat. We arrived around 7pm, but they told us we had an hour wait-which wasn't going to happen with our little one. We decided to walk up the hill to another restaurant area, and found Tony Roma's. We hadn't eaten there in a long time, so we figured we would give it a try. We were seated right away and since the call had gone off, they immediately were bringing drinks and appetizers to us. When we asked for a menu, our waiter pointed down at our table to this:

It was a preset menu with only four options and was rather pricy since it was a full course meal. Paul was disappointed that not only did he NOT get his Chili's, but now he couldn't even choose what he wanted from a menu. I have never seen him look so sad-seriously. It was like a little kid pouting. Hehe. He wanted to get up and leave and go to the pizza place next door (surprise, surprise!), but I wouldn't let him since we had already been eating appetizers and drinking our drinks. We ended up staying and really enjoying our meals-I ordered salmon, and Paul ordered the steak, and they both ended up being delicious. However, once Ramadan is over, I do owe Paul a meal at Chili's. :)


Carree Stewart said...

I love this update - it is just cracking me up. We have been in this very position ourselves before and I know exactly what you mean about the 7pm cigarettes! Your son is adorable by the way :-)

Blair said...

Great story. I can totally picture Paul acting like that. Let's be honest, I would too though. Love the pics with your little one. So precious. Love you!