Friday, March 19, 2010


Our second day in Venice was freezing, but amazing none the less! The wind chill was about 38 degrees, but we did our best to endure it. We had wanted to take a gondola ride, but all agreed to pass because of the frigid temperatures. Instead, we enjoyed watching others taking their ride :)

The Rialto Bridge (the oldest in Venice) that crosses the Grand Canal

A view from the top of the Rialto Bridge

Taking a break in a local cafe to get warm and drink hot chocolate.

One of my new favorite pics of Micah...Paul captured this at the perfect time :)

Masks are everywhere in Venice as they have a "Venetian Carnival" annually.

Out for the afternoon.
By this time, we all were pretty exhausted.

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Blair said...

Venice looks amazing! So jealous you guys got to spend lots of time in such a beautiful city! Your picture of you and Paul is great. And of course the one with Micah's gelato on his face :)