Saturday, March 13, 2010

Metro Trouble

We learned the metro system pretty easily and most of the time, had no problem getting on and off. After we left the Colosseum, we had to catch another metro and had planned to go to the train station to look at ticket prices and times for the next day from Rome to Florence. We then were wanting to go see the Trevi Fountain at night. Well, we quickly learned that we were trying to catch the metro at the wrong time...several of them passed us up and were completely full, as it was after work hours. We finally devised a plan to all spread out at a different door and to just be "Italian" for a moment or two and push our way on. We sort of forgot to have a plan on how to meet up once we arrived at the train station though...which ended up being a problem! Sara and I made it onto the first metro-thinking that Ryan, Paul, and Micah were on there too. We got off and looked all around for them. When we couldn't find them, we just figured that they had exited the metro and had headed to look at train tickets. We went to the train station and searched and searched for them. The more we walked, the more we realized we had nearly no chance of finding them here. This was a pretty large area where there was like a million people walking everywhere. After about 20 minutes of no success, we decided we had 2 options: 1) to go back to the hotel, or 2) to go to the Trevi Fountain as we had planned. We opted for option #2, hoping they would be there too, and headed down an escalator towards the metro. Right when we got off the escalator, we looked up and saw them coming down on an escalator across from us. What were the chances??? We were so lucky to have found them right there. They explained that they ended up having to wait for another two metros to pass before they found a spot to get on. We were so relieved to have found them and we definitely learned to devise a complete plan next time :) We continued on to the Trevi Fountain and had a great night!

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Blair said...

What a story. Just imagine if you and Sara hadn't met up in the first place. Gosh, that would have been scary. Glad you found everyone again and enjoyed a great night. The Trevi Fountain looks awesome!