Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We are off to Italy today and sooooo excited! It sort of seems surreal at the moment. This will be our last and final vacation before heading back to America at the end of the summer. We decided we had better do something in Europe while we are living so close...and do it before our little girl arrives in May. We are meeting my brother and sister-in-law (Ryan and Sara) and can hardly wait to see them!

I actually have been to Italy once before (5 years ago), as I had the opportunity to go in college and to take a class. The rest of my travel crew have never been there, and since I loved it so much, I definitely do not mind returning again. :) Here are a few pictures from my first visit that will have to do until we return! Bye.

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Blair said...

Jealous of your time in Italy! Have a great trip!