Friday, March 12, 2010


Day two was spent in Rome on another beautiful day. Plus, we got to spend it with Ryan and Sara, which just made everything even better. We started our day by eating breakfast at a little cafe-the crepes and croissants all around Italy are just delicious. I'm sure we all gained about 10 lbs between the pastries, pizza, pastas, and gelato...but it was worth every bite :)

Then we headed to catch the metro to go see the Colosseum and Roman Forum-two key places in ancient Roman history. Here is the metro with its graffiti galore...Micah liked to call the metro and every other train we rode on "Thomas", after the TV show "Thomas the Train".
Ry holding Micah on the crowded metro.

And there it is...the incredible Colosseum

First we headed over to the Colosseum, but the line was crazy long, so we decided to walk a little further down the road and see the Roman Forum first.

Where Julius Caesar's ashes were spread.

Taking a lunch break at a local Pizzeria (these are literally EVERYWHERE)
And thankfully, our little man was out snoozing for awhile.

After lunch, we headed back to the Colosseum. We were quite sad when we learned that the tour guides had left for the day. That was our fault for waiting so long to return. We ended up having to use our handy-dandy Tour Guide Books as our tour guide (especially the book by Rick Steve's-he saved our day many times and Sara pretty much would only listen to what he had to say. Ha). Thankfully, there were other signs and markers to read once in the Colosseum. We all agreed we wished we had spent more time here. The history is just absolutely amazing!

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Blair said...

What a great day touring Rome. Andrew would love the history of the city and I would love the food! Hope to get there one day...