Thursday, March 18, 2010

Next Stop...

...Venice :) What an absolutely beautiful place! It is such a unique city and setup with all the canals surrounding you. It is composed of narrow walkways/alleys, which make it easy to get lost. We had to ask for directions many times. There are no cars, and boats are pretty much your form of transportation. Sadly, we read that many families are actually moving out of Venice because it is really hard to raise a family there. After experiencing the city firsthand with a toddler, I can totally see why. The city is not at all accessible for strollers or wheelchairs. In order to go over the canals (which are unavoidable as they are everywhere) you have to cross bridges that have multiple steps, but no ramps. Thankfully, I had some major help carrying the stroller up and down the steps. I couldn't have done it alone!

After we arrived, we dropped our luggage off at our hotel and then ventured out into the city. Thankfully, our hotel provided a boat for our transportation, so we didn't have to worry about taking the public boat.

Waiting for our boat to pick us up and take us to our hotel.

Finally on the boat.

St. Mark's Square

The whole trip Micah was obsessed with the pigeons, so we were not surprised when he wanted to spend most of his time chasing them around.

St. Mark's Basilica

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Blair said...

I love all the canals. They make the city so unique. I can totally picture Micah chasing the pigeons around the square. So fun!