Monday, March 22, 2010

Medical Clinic

Recently I had the opportunity to help out in a nearby village at their medical clinic. It was held at a small school within the village and was a great cultural experience for sure. We started off our day by meeting our friend at her bakery. We had to wait for her for about 30 minutes, so we enjoyed watching the ladies make all the Arabic food. She finally showed up and directed us to the school for the clinic.

Here is the food the ladies were preparing.
The workers allowed us to jump in and attempt to help.

The village view from the school.

Some precious school girls welcoming us.

Very typical...the men sitting in front being served coffee or tea. They actually presented us with an entire ceremony before the medical day began.

Our little nursing corner.

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Blair said...

I bet you were such a blessing to those women. Glad you got to use your medical background to serve. God is good!