Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Picnic Lunch"

A few weeks ago Paul was taking care of Micah and told him that they were going to have a "picnic lunch" that day. Bascially, Paul had decided to take Micah's highchair out on our porch to eat. Micah LOVED it and now asks to have a "picnic lunch" almost daily. Thankfully, the weather has been a bit nicer, so we have been able to do this more often. Maybe we will go on an actual picnic one day soon!!

The other day we were having our lunch outside and we left the kitchen door open. I went inside to get something and out of the corner of my eye noticed something moving on our countertop. I looked over and immediately screamed as one of the ugly stray cats had snuck inside and was eating our bread. I'm really not a cat-lover anyway, but these cats are everywhere and are so annoying. There meows sound like crying babies. I'm not going to lie, I am a bit terrified of them. Micah is scared of them too, so I'm sure it will take some time to get used to them being people's pets once we are back in the States.

Here are a few pictures from a "picnic lunch"...and I promise I gave him some healthy things to eat besides cheetos :)

Even though he won't keep them on very long, he loves his sunglasses. He likes to wear them on top of his head "like Mommy." It is too funny.

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Blair said...

I love picnic lunches, too. Can't wait to take Micah to the park to enjoy a real one. He's gonna love it! And I totally agree about stray cats. Gross.