Monday, March 15, 2010


After our fabulous visit in Rome, we hopped on a train the next morning and headed to one of my favorite cities, Florence. The train ride was great-besides having all our luggage and being unsure of what to do with it :) We arrived in the early afternoon and were able to tour the city and eat lunch before heading to see Michelangelo's David at the museum...which was amazing.

On the train and apparently Ryan missed the striped memo for the day :)

The Ponte Vecchice Bridge (the oldest and most famous bridge in Florence). This was about a two minute walk from our hotel and has all kinds of jewelry stores and other neat shops on it.

Here is a replica of David located in one of Florence's squares. In the actual museum, you are not supposed to take any photos of the "real" David, although my sneaky husband did take a few on his cell phone. Thankfully, the Nazi workers didn't catch him :)

We randomly came across this bronze wild boar statue. From my last trip, I remembered it being famous and rubbing his nose, although I couldn't remember why. I made us take a picture with it anyway...and Micah loved riding it! I recently looked up what this is known for and found out: "rub his nose to return to Florence, and put a coin in his mouth for financial good luck." I guess rubbing his nose last time worked for me!

The Duomo-it was HUGE and really pretty!

Bronze Doors at the Baptistry


Blair said...

You have so many great pics of your trip. And even better memories, I'm sure. Hopefully Andrew and I can make it over there and experience such awesomeness for ourselves. Love you!

Heather said...

Gorgeous pics, Kari!! Florence is my all-time favorite city!