Wednesday, January 6, 2010

20 weeks

Just thought I'd share a sweet picture of our little girl from her 20 week 4D ultrasound. One thing I love about being overseas is that you get an ultrasound at EVERY appointment. They also do 3 routine 4D ultrasounds (one a trimester). I think my next 4D is around 30 weeks, which should be mid-March.I just love seeing her itsy bitsy body and am continually thankful and amazed by God's creation. How can anyone say this isn't a human??

Although, most of you know by now, we are excited to officially announce that we have finally decided on a name...JORDAN KATE. Girl names are so much harder for us for some reason, but this one was just too fitting to pass up. Now I just can't wait to meet her.


The Akin Family said...

Sweet baby girl! Cannot wait to kiss all over that precious face!! We love you Jordan!


Uncle Tim, Aunt Anna, and Wuhdi

Blair said...

Thanks for sharing the ultrasound. Can't wait to meet precious little Jordan! God's creations are amazing.

Brandt and Jill Waggoner said...

Oh how sweet Kari! She looks like Micah, doesn't she? We can't wait to meet her. I've been keeping an eye out for precious little pink things! Love you guys!