Monday, January 4, 2010

The Garden Tomb

Sadly, our trip seemed to quickly come to an end and our last stop was once again, one of my favorites...the Garden Tomb. Paul had seen this before, so he was incredibly sweet to stay behind while Micah napped, and allow me to experience this special place.

Although not 100% for sure, this place does fulfill ALL biblical requirements as to the validity of the location where Jesus suffered, died, was buried, and arose after 3 days and nights.

Our tour guide for this site...he was hilarious!

This is known as "Skull Hill" and is believed to be where Jesus was crucified. Something that I learned was that the Roman's crucified criminals among a busy road-NOT on a hill as I have pictured my entire life. They did this so that everyone could see it and so it would provoke fear in their lives. (As you can tell, unfortunately, this is now an Arab bus station.)
A picture of the "skull" in the rock.

Walking from the crucifixion site to see the EMPTY tomb.

Listening to our tour guide explain the many reasons that this could be the site where Jesus was buried and rose again.

The door to the tomb. I love the sign :)

Inside the tomb. This would have been where his body was laid.

Coming out of the tomb.
After we had a chance to take a look at the tomb, our group gathered together for a time of worship, teaching, and communion. What a special and memorable day...a perfect ending to a life changing trip! How grateful I am that NOTHING could keep Jesus in His grave and that He lives today! What a testimony. Thank you Jesus!