Friday, January 8, 2010

Jambo Kenya

I must admit that I wasn't too sad that we had to travel back to Kenya in order for Paul to complete his master's degree. It also made it a LOT easier to move to Jordan this past August, knowing that we would be back there in January. Kenya really has a special place in my heart, and after returning there, it just confirmed that. Sadly, we have no idea when we will be back next. :(

Since Kenya is below the equator, January is supposed to be one of the warmest months there...however, it was abnormally rainy the first few days we were there and the temperatures we cooler than we expected (nothing like the coldness we were experiencing in Jordan though). It honestly was the perfect weather, however, I had just packed wrong-way too many shorts for Micah and only two light jackets for myself. Oops. We survived and enjoyed every minute! It is just such a beautiful country!

We arrived in Kenya at 3:30AM and to the Conference Center at about 6AM. However, no one was working the front desk and the keys to our rooms were nowhere to be found. Security finally got a hold of someone and we were able to get into our rooms to take a morning nap. I was worried that Micah wouldn't sleep, therefore, I wouldn't sleep...but I was wrong. He was out in a second and thankfully slept for several hours. Here is a picture of the fam after we woke up and got ready.

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