Friday, January 15, 2010


Another person that we couldn't pass up seeing was our old house helper, Josephine. Oh how we miss her so much! I was a little worried that Micah wouldn't remember her, but that wasn't the case at all. He ran up to her and said, "Josephine!' with the biggest smile on his face. He even let her hold him all afternoon long, which is unusual these days. We were able to spend a few hours with her one afternoon, but again, it wasn't enough. And the goodbye wasn't easy. :(

While Micah and I were catching up with Josephine, Paul went bowling and then played putt-putt with a group of our friends. I was really glad he got to do that, because he didn't have nearly as much free time as I did on this trip.

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Blair said...

Oh my goodness~ I bet Micah was thrilled to see Josephine! I can only imagine getting you two together again. What a precious soul. Glad you had some time with her before you left Kenya. Looks like a fun visit.