Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tea Time

One thing I love about Kenya is that they have "Tea Time". This basically is just a reason to take a break from work. Some places have a morning and an afternoon tea break. Back when we were in language school, I always looked forward to this break. Then when Josephine worked for us, this was another special time where we just talked and talked.

Well, at the conference center we stayed at, they definitely had tea time (2x a day). They even made homemade delicious pastries that they brought in the morning and some sort of cookie/biscuit in the afternoon to accompany the tea . They brought a new kind of pastry everyday. My personal favorites were the cinnamon rolls and the donuts. I think we all gained about 10 lbs from them, but they sure were worth it :)

Here are a few pictures from our tea time.
Former coworkers with was so great to spend time with both of them!

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Blair said...

I love me some tea time! Those Kenyans know how to do it right. I mean, we should totally adapt that idea to our own culture here in the States. What do you think?