Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Cairo, We Go

Well, we weren't exactly planning on taking a trip to Egypt, but it just worked out that way. We had to go back to Kenya for 2 weeks so that Paul could finish up his LAST(woohoo) master's classes. It just so happened that no matter which airline we took, we would have a LONG layover. We ended up going with EgyptAir, which meant that we had a 9 hour layover in Cairo! Yikes. Thankfully, Lottie and Granddaddy were with us, and had made previous plans for a tour company to pick all of us up to go see the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.

Cairo is a HUGE city and is known for their horrible traffic. Thankfully, we were there on a national holiday (Christmas for the Orthodox Christians), so we didn't have to deal with that craziness. We were picked up and immediately taken to tour the Pyramids and Sphinx. They are huge and absolutely amazing to see in person-I cannot imagine building those. We then were picked up and taken to a nice restaurant for dinner, some quick shopping, and then back to the airport. It was a great day and we were so blessed to have seen some amazing sites as well as to NOT sit in the airport all day long!

The Great Pyramids

The Sphinx


Georgianne said...

I just love reading your blog and hearing about your wonderful adventures :) Ironically we are talking about Native America Mounds and Pyramids today. The students were asked to compare them to the Egyptian pyramids. Your pictures were perfect...I hope that you don't mind that I shared them with my students. I love to see how God is using you and your family!
THANKS for sharing!!!

Blair said...

I did not realize you got to visit Egypt! So jealous. Your pics are great! Man, Micah has to be the most well-traveled 2 year old ever. Italy is next...