Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Micah was so excited to see his friend (aka girlfriend), Anjela, up at the conference center (I was happy to see her Momma, Allison, too!). They were staying there with a completely different group, so it was a surprise to see them. We briefly had met her parents back in the States before heading overseas, and then got reconnected once we arrived in Kenya.

Anjela is several months older than Micah, but they get along great. She is absolutely adorable and so mature for her age. They are so cute together and it was sad saying bye. We will have to find a way to get them together again soon :)

Goodbyes are never easy...
We're in starts early :)
These little mischievous ones snuck away from us while at dinner and ended up on the computers.

Here are a few pictures of these two from previous visits together:

November 2008
Micah's first bath with anyone else.
March 2009


Blair said...

Micah-man's got himself a girlfriend! And she's cute too. The pics of their time together are adorable.

The Omondis said...

Hey its been so long since i looked at your blog and tonight i decided to browse Bloglines and look at your blog and i saw this post of Anj and Micah. SO SO SO CUTE!!! I love all these pictures. You will have to email me some of those photos. Oh it makes me wish so bad you guys were close by!!! Anj misses Micah and still occasionally asks for him. Miss you guys and praying for the new little girl who will be here soon.I think i might have to post a link to your blog on our blog so others can see these pics if you don't mind..