Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thanks Squints

Swim lessons were supposed to start last Saturday, but the teacher was in the hospital for some reason. We didn't know that until we arrived, so Micah and Jordan got the "Mommy and Daddy" swim session. Jordan is still battling ear infections, so she got a pass for not being able to go under. Normally, I would have blown in her face and completely dunked her...I know, some say it's too early, but I'm a firm believer in getting them used to the water early on. Micah was acting extremely timid of the water which is not like him. In some ways, I was thankful because normally he is fearless and that scares me to death. By the end of last summer he was jumping off the diving board (with wings on) and swimming by himself from one person to another (it wasn't very far though). This time, Paul had to force him off the steps (with slight screaming involved) and eventually dunk him a few times. As long as he had a noodle, he would go anywhere by himself.

At first we thought that maybe it would just take time to get Micah used to the water again. But then the truth came out in the bath tub a few nights later. I was bathing him and asked him to blow bubbles for me. He would barely put his mouth in, so I told him to put his nose under too and then blow bubbles. He looked at me with this serious face and said, "But I don't want to get hurt like Squints." Right then, it all made perfect sense to me. Recently, Micah has been watching the movie, The Sandlot (as he loves baseball) and there is a swimming scene where one of the boys, Squints, jumps off the diving board and almost drowns. So, yes, I can totally understand how that would scare a little boy away from the water. I guess I just didn't realize how observant Micah really is. Now, thanks to Squints we are back to square one ;)

Showing us how to surf ;)
Our little ballerina.


jrrainer said...

The cutest kids EVER to go swimming!! I love how Jess's feet are in Micah's pictures! ;)


Blair said...

Oh my goodness~ The Sandlot? That's hilarious! I can't wait to tell Andrew this story. Bless Micah's little heart. Tell him that at least Squints gets the girl in the end :)

Taylor said...

Oh my preciousness. This post melted my heart :) You are such a great mommy.