Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Princess and the Castle :)

As I referenced in an earlier post, Micah calls my cousin Jeramie a "Princess", so it was very fitting that the bridal party got ready at a castle and that the reception was there. And yes, this is a real castle. It is in Versailles Kentucky and I've wanted to go in it ever since I was a little girl. We would drive by it on our way to Kentucky basketball games and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. It basically was shut down for awhile, but opened again recently as a hotel and restaurant. It was really definitely a dream come true :)

Here are some shots as we were getting ready. I really wished I could have taken more of the outside, but it was like 30 degrees with vicious wind.

The beautiful bride and me.
The groom being made to stay outside for a few minutes while awaiting to see his bride!
Since 2 of her grandparents had passed away, and another couldn't make it, she added a special touch to her bouquet with their pictures tied to it. This is a pic of my 2 grandparents and was such a sweet idea.
Her glittery red heels-a perfect finishing touch.
Cousins :)
We did manage to sneak a few outside pics. This was after our 40 minute portrait session OUTSIDE with the bride. Our hands were literally blue. As we walked back inside, some of the groomsmen had plugged in hair dryers to warm our hands up. I cannot wait to see the pictures from outside though-they will be amazing and it was so worth it.


Blair said...
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Blair said...

Princess Jeramie was beautiful! And so were her maids!

Laura Jo said...

We live just a couple minutes from this castle in Lexington. Every time we pass it, Adelyn wants to know who lives there and if we can visit them! :) I guess we should plan a "visit" soon. Your family is beautiful, Kari!