Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Preschool Sunday School

Paul and I had the privilege of serving in Micah's Sunday school class this past week. It was nice to get to know some of the little faces that he talks about. Since it was spring break week, the numbers were low, but we still had our hands full. The funny thing is, it was mostly because of our own crazy child who runs around like a wild-man during the free play time and on the playground. This was really the first time we'd seen him interact in a "classroom" setting and to put it mildly, lets just say he is quite the social one. We are definitely already seeing some leadership qualities and now it's our job as parents to channel these into the right direction as he learns to follow the Lord first and foremost. Whew-that's a tough job ;) We were actually quite impressed with how well the entire class obeyed and listened to the Bible story. There is nothing like "childlike" faith and they asked some really sweet questions. It was a great morning and truly was a joy to teach the little ones about Jesus.

Our police officer...
...blowing his whistle
Sweet little children

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Mommy Webb said...

Both of your children are so beautiful - and so are you:). Hope AL is treating you well.