Thursday, March 17, 2011


First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day. And I know in the pics below that Micah is not wearing green, but we had to support our CATS today. Thankfully, they pulled it off with a close (too close) win.

Today I walked into the kitchen and saw Micah neatly lining up our magnet ABC' the correct order. He did the entire alphabet, which surprised me mostly because I didn't know he could focus on one thing so long ;) It was fun to watch him sing the ABC song as he tried to figure out what letter came next. He loves learning and has recently learned the sound each letter makes thanks to our good teacher friend, Ms. Jessica. She showed Micah a website,, that is purely educational and is helping him learn to sound out words. We still are a lonnnggg ways away from reading, but hey, learning the sound of the letters is a good start :)

Until about 2 months ago, whenever we asked Micah to spell his name he'd say, "M-I-C-K-H". Close, but no. We think he got this habit from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme took us FOREVER to break this habit. Eventually, he totally knew he was wrong but just liked to get a reaction out of Paul and/or me. His new thing is spelling out his name with whatever letters he can get his hands on-magnets, bath toy letters, and on our phones and keyboards.


Blair said...

Micah-man is such a smarty! Can he spell Kentucky yet? Go Cats!

katie said...

those pictures could not be any cuter!